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Absorbing New Information

By: Megan Prats 11/29/2014 Critical thinking is the gateway to the infinite realm of knowledge. Thus, when critical thinking allows the student to access the infinite realm of knowledge at any point during the problem-solving process, it should become an element of critical thinking as defined by the 2learn® Method. Therefore, the 2learn® Method’s newest element […]

Patience is Key

By: Megan Prats 04/25/2013 The journey of learning is very similar to the journey of life – it is long, onerous, filled with ups and downs, and rewarding only if hard work and dedication is devoted to it. Students of all ages and all abilities must struggle during the learning process, otherwise they are not […]

Ask. Don’t Tell.

By: Megan Prats 12/7/2013   While developing the student’s critical thinking skills, it is imperative that you remember the following phrase – Ask.  Don’t Tell.  Ask refers to guiding the student to the answer via a series of questions when you see that the student cannot navigate her critical thinking skills on her own to […]