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Diversification of Labor

By: Megan Prats 9/30/2015 Adam Smith begins his Wealth of Nations by citing the difference between the “savage societies” and “civilized societies”. He states because of the diversification of labor, even the poorest in “civilized societies” are economically better off than those in the “savage” ones. In short, because the diversification of labor allows one […]

Deductive Reasoning

By: Megan Prats 9/10/2014 Is deductive reasoning critical thinking?  The critical thinker uses deductive reasoning as a tool to narrow possible solutions down to one or a fewer number of solutions but because deductive reasoning assumes that the right answer exists amongst a finite amount, it confines the possibilities of the conclusion to a fixed number […]

Cross-Disciplinary Problem-Solving

By: Megan Prats 6/26/2017 Cross-disciplinary problem-solving takes place when the student uses information, methods of thinking, and/or rules from one discipline and applies it to another.  Cross-disciplinary problem-solving is an element of critical thinking because it displays that the student sees the infinite realm of knowledge and that the student can reach more areas of it when […]

The View

By: Megan Prats 7/15/2015 Once the student can think critically and thus enter the infinite realm of knowledge what does she see? The critical thinker’s view of the infinite realm of knowledge is similar to a marionettist’s view of the puppet show. The marionettist is one step removed from the action below and thus from […]

The Infinite Realm of Knowledge Visualized

By: Megan Prats 01/07/2015 Critical thinking is the gateway to the infinite realm of knowledge. Thus, one way to decipher whether or not the student is using her critical thinking skills is to see where problem-solving takes her. In short, thinking that leads to infinity is critical thinking. Now, in order to assess if the […]

Critical Thinking Defined

[:en] By: Megan Prats 11/2/2015 2learn® has evolved its definition of critical thinking as its understanding of it has grown. For some time 2learn® has been defining critical thinking as, “the gateway to the infinite realm of knowledge”. However, critical thinking isn’t just opening the student’s mind to the infinite bounds of knowledge, its also about […]

Thinking Independently

By: Megan Prats 10/2/2014 The 2learn® Method has defined thinking independently as the student selects an answer because she believes that her answer is right. Now, the idea behind believing her answer is right must come from what she thinks and her emotions. However, if her emotions overtake her ability to analyze the situation, her […]


By: Megan Prats 9/22/2015 Even though as a teacher you’re an authoritative figure, your authority does not transcend to command. In order to preserve the independent thinking element of critical thinking, the student shouldn’t be obligated to do or think something just because you say so. Thus, when you teach, your advice materializes as recommendations […]

The Lack Thereof

By: Megan Prats 1/29/2015 Logic and reason brings critical thinking into reality. However, the infinite realm of knowledge houses not just what is real, but everything else. Sometimes, it is in the student’s best interest to throw logic and reason out of the window and allow her conclusion to arrive from the lack thereof. As […]

Logic and Reason

By: Megan Prats 1/22/2015 Logic and reason is not an element of critical thinking as defined by the 2learn® Method because logic and reason confines the infinite realm of knowledge to the finite reality that we live in. However, logic and reason is an important tool for the student to use as it takes the […]