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  By: Megan Prats 3/3/2015 The other day, a student of mine said that she felt, “overwhelmed,” with her learning. Her comment did not surprise me as the 2learn® Method throws the student into the infinite realm of knowledge from the first lesson, which is an environment that, because of its immense size, can be […]


By: Megan Prats 4/8/2015 Much of the 2learn® Method Teacher Manual is devoted to listing the resources available for the student to use in her problem-solving – elements of critical thinking and the tools of the critical thinker. However, how is the student supposed to actually take these resources and apply them to her problem- […]

Learning vs. Memorization

By: Megan Prats 1/13/2014 “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” – Chinese proverb The aforementioned quote gracefully and concisely summarizes the difference between learning and memorizing – short and long-term consequences. Memorizing is literally shoving information into […]

Leading Questions

By: Megan Prats 8/27/2015 Leading questions are questions that are developed in such a way that the answer is really already given in the question. Because you teach via critical thinking, you are going to spend a lot of your time in the lessons asking the student questions. Now, not all questions are created equal; […]

Insightful Questions

By: Megan Prats 11/3/2015 Critical thinking can be applied to any part of the problem-solving process, including the question. When the student conjures a question that requires her critical thinking skills, she’s asked an insightful question. Therefore, insightful questions are a critical thinking skill. An insightful question would be a student who is learning English […]

Inductive Reasoning

By: Megan Prats 8/7/2014 The laws of Science, Economics, Music, etc. were all derived from inductive reasoning. Inductive reasoning is when the student uses her critical thinking skills to infer a law or rule about a discipline from a set of information. Inductive reasoning is the newest addition to the 2learn® Method’s list of elements […]

I Forgot

By: Megan Prats 9/10/2015 If I had a dime for every time a student told me, “I forgot.”, in a lesson I’d be a millionaire. It is no surprise that the student forgets information during the lessons because biologically speaking, our brains are not programmed to retain everything. Instead, the human brain must select the […]

Multi-Step Problems

By: Megan Prats 07/11/2014   The problem-solving process can be summed to 3 steps – question, analysis, and answer. However, some questions allow for the analysis to be removed so that they become a two-step process – question and answer. For instance, you ask the student what is the word for “car” in Spanish and she […]

No Graduation

By: Megan Prats 5/1/2015 As Pomp and Circumstance fills the auditorium, students and their families are elated because the student has completed her learning journey. Because the student has received X number of credits in certain subjects required by the school, learning is now “over”. WRONG!!!!! Ugh, it makes me sick how people stuff the […]


By: Megan Prats 03/23/2015 Evidence makes an argument believable. Also, evidence distances the ability of Bias to influence the student’s conclusion. In short, evidence tends to support the rational and objective problem-solver. However, all evidence is not created equal so it is up to the student to determine which evidence to include in her problem-solving. […]