The 2learn® Method

Critical Thinking Development (Parents:guardians)

Critical Thinking Development

The 2learn® Method defines critical thinking as good problem-solving.  2learn® teachers teach their subjects by improving the student's ability to problem-solve because when they do, the student gets faster results.

Customized Curriculum

Every student is unique thus the student learns best when the curriculum is customized to meet his/her wants and needs therefore the 2learn® teacher will provide the student with a curriculum that is fully customized to him/her.

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One-on-one (parents)

Private, In Person Lessons

Learning is most effective when it is done via the student and the teacher because that medium allows the student to receive all of the effective and powerful elements of the 2learn® Method.  Because the student learns best when he/she is working solely with the teacher, 2learn® only provides private, in person lessons.

High-Quality Teachers

The teacher is the avenue in which the student receives the 2learn® Method thus the teacher must be fluent in the 2learn® Method in order to deliver it to the student.  Therefore, 2learn® teachers are only selected because they can teach the 2learn® Method and they are constantly evaluated and trained in the 2learn® Method so that they continuously improve the quality in which they teach.

High-quality Teachers

Flexible Scheduling

Because the student learns best when he/she has his/her lessons when it is convenient for him/her, 2learn® provides the student with flexible scheduling.  The student may schedule any lesson by visiting the Scheduling Center.

Convenient Locations for Lessons

Since the student learns best when the learning environment is a safe and comfortable one, 2learn® provides the student with convenient locations for lessons.  The student can have his/her lessons anywhere in the world via Skype or the student can meet his/her 2learn® teacher at a public location.

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Constant Feedback

Effective Feedback

How can the student grow if he/she doesn't even know how he/she is truthfully progressing?  Well, the answer is that the progress will be lackluster without effective feedback thus 2learn® provides the student with the feedback that he/she needs.  Feedback materializes in two forms: 1) through the 2learn® teacher during the lesson; and 2) after the lesson via the 2learn® Progress Report.  The 2learn® Progress Report documents the following about the lesson:

  • Date
  • Lesson
  • Customized Curriculum - what the student and the teacher did in the lesson, and curriculum ideas for future lessons
  • Critical Thinking Development - the teacher's evaluation on the student's critical thinking development
  • 2learn® Bank - 2learn® Dollars as a reward for learning advancement that can be redeemed for a prize
  • Homework

The student will receive a 2learn® Progress Report entry after every lesson and the student can access his/her 2learn® Progress Report online at anytime.

No Exams

Exams are learning killers thus they are not used here.  Instead, evaluation is performed organically in the lesson and after the lesson in the 2learn® Progress Report.

No Exams
One-on-one (adult students)

Practical Approach

Because learning is most valuable when it can be applied to the student's life to better it, 2learn® tends to stay away from theoretical teaching and focuses on practical information.

Earn $ for Learning

2learn® rewards the student for utilizing the 2learn® Method in his/her lessons by compensating him/her with 2learn® Dollars.  Once the student receives 30 2learn® Dollars, the student can redeem them for a prize!

Earn Money for Learning
Fun (adult students)

A Fun Learning Experience

Learning is fun and the student learns more when he/she is having fun learning, so 2learn® makes learning fun.

Schedule a Lesson

You can easily and conveniently schedule any 2learn® lesson by visiting the Scheduling Center.