Solving the Problem in Different Ways

By: Megan Prats 10/20/2013 Today I am happy to announce that I have added a new element of critical thinking to the 2learn® Method – Solving the Problem in Different Ways. The beauty of this new element of critical thinking is that it was inspired to me by one of my minor students. In the […]

The Scientific Method

By: Megan Prats 7/9/2017   The Scientific Method is a revolutionary problem-solving tool as it has brought the truth, and not fiction, to light about many aspects of the universe.  Thus, if the problem warrants it, the student should use the Scientific Method to filter her ideas into good answers. The Scientific Method consists of […]


  By: Megan Prats 2/19/2015 For years now, the 2learn® Method’s focus of critical thinking has been to define the elements that allow the student to reach the infinite landscape of the infinite realm of knowledge. However, finding the ideas are only the first step to being able to realize the benefit of critical thinking […]

Substantive Approach

  By: Megan Prats 4/5/2012 Critical Thinking Development At 2learn®, we specialize in critical thinking development. However, we are also responsible for the substantive aspect of learning as the 2learn® student normally comes to 2learn® as a first place of learning. Thus, it is imperative that the substantive approach compliment critical thinking development as critical […]

Speed Work

  By: Megan Prats 8/15/2015 The ultimate goal of “speed work” is to move answers from the conscious to the subconscious mind because when the student can arrive to the answer without really “thinking” about it, the answer comes to the student almost instantaneously. In order to move the conscious into the subconscious, the first […]

Sounds Right and Feel

  By: Megan Prats 6/5/2015 In order for the student to accurately utilize her critical thinking skills in problem-solving, she must justify her answer. The justification ensures that she didn’t arrive to her answer via memorization or guessing and that she is basing her answer on fact (i.e. evidence or a rule). For the language […]

Solving New Problems

  By: Megan Prats 11/3/2015 Critical thinking is not memorization nor guessing. Critical thinking is navigating the infinite realm of knowledge to arrive to a good solution to any problem. Thus, in order to put critical thinking in your lessons, the questions that you ask the student should be new to her. Problems that the […]

Sentence Construction

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[:en] By: Megan Prats 11/7/2014 Critical thinking is universal thus critical thinking development can take place at any point in learning. However, because critical thinking is 2learn®’s focus and specialty, you want to devote the majority of the lessons to where it is most prevalent. Thus, for language lessons, your focus should be sentence construction. […]


By: Megan Prats 12/28/2014 Substance and Critical Thinking In order for the student to arrive to sound conclusions, she needs to apply sound principles to her analysis. These sound principles, or “rules”, allow the student to use a well-thought-out and tested conclusion as the foundation of her own so that the student’s conclusion is less […]

Reverse Engineering

By: Megan Prats 1/25/2014 Critical thinking development as described in Ask. Don’t Tell. takes place in a forward fashion – starting at the question and then arriving to the answer. However, critical thinking development does not have to take place in one direction all of the time. Sometimes, the student will answer the question immediately. […]