Thinking Independently

By: Megan Prats 10/2/2014 The 2learn® Method has defined thinking independently as the student selects an answer because she believes that her answer is right. Now, the idea behind believing her answer is right must come from what she thinks and her emotions. However, if her emotions overtake her ability to analyze the situation, her […]


By: Megan Prats 9/22/2015 Even though as a teacher you’re an authoritative figure, your authority does not transcend to command. In order to preserve the independent thinking element of critical thinking, the student shouldn’t be obligated to do or think something just because you say so. Thus, when you teach, your advice materializes as recommendations […]

Composing a Song

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By: Megan Prats 11/3/2014 A student that composes a well-written song on her own has achieved the ultimate in music because composition requires an intimate understanding of the elements of music and creativity. This article is details how to teach the student to compose a song in accordance with the 2learn® Method. For all musicians, […]


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By: Megan Prats 12/12/2014 Because you are working one-on-one with the student, your relationship reaches a deeper level. Just like with any personal contact, an intangible element can make or break the relationship – chemistry. Because 2learn® is a business, we cannot match you with the student like Cupid would; thus, more likely than not, […]

The Lack Thereof

By: Megan Prats 1/29/2015 Logic and reason brings critical thinking into reality. However, the infinite realm of knowledge houses not just what is real, but everything else. Sometimes, it is in the student’s best interest to throw logic and reason out of the window and allow her conclusion to arrive from the lack thereof. As […]

Logic and Reason

By: Megan Prats 1/22/2015 Logic and reason is not an element of critical thinking as defined by the 2learn® Method because logic and reason confines the infinite realm of knowledge to the finite reality that we live in. However, logic and reason is an important tool for the student to use as it takes the […]


By: Megan Prats 2/6/2015 “Bias: A mental leaning or inclination. We must clearly distinguish two different senses of the word ’’bias’’. One is neutral, the other negative. In the neutral sense we are referring simply to the fact that, because of one’s point of view, one notices some things rather than others, emphasizes some points […]


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By: Megan Prats 3/1/2014 What do you see in the picture above? I first saw a young woman with her head turned to the side. Did you see her too? If I told you that there is also another woman in the drawing can you find her as well? If you haven’t yet found her, […]


By: Megan Prats 6/28/2017 The Right Answer The right answer(s) is the one that the student can justify intellectually (explain) and emotionally (feeling).  In other words, the right answer(s) is the one that aligns the mind and emotional self ever-so-perfectly.  If the answer only contains one of the two elements of a right answer, then […]

Creativity in the Moment

[:en] By: Megan Prats 10/13/2014 Sometimes the student has no time to go through the creative process (steps highlighted in Critical Thinking Defined). Thus, the creative process must be completed in an instant. Creativity in the moment is probably best exemplified by a musician improvising on stage.  This skill is more innate in some, but […]