When your child learns at 2learn®, she learns via the 2learn® Method (detailed below).  Please review the elements of the 2learn® Method because they will answer your questions about, “How it Works.”


The 2learn® Method


Developing your Child’s Critical Thinking (aka good problem-solving) Skills


Developing your child’s critical thinking (good problem-solving) skills leads to fluency in her foreign language and/or proficiency in her musical instrument FASTER because:

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Constant, Immediate, and Detailed Feedback

You and your child receive the 2learn® Progress Report after every lesson so that you know in detail what is happening during the lesson and how your child is progressing in her learning.  Learn more >>>


Convenient Locations for Lessons

You may have the lessons online, at the teacher’s home, at a public location (i.e. library, coffee house), or at your residence.  Learn more >>>

Scheduling Center

Flexible Scheduling

You determine when your child has her lessons and how many lessons that she has so that you are in complete control of the lesson schedule.  Learn more >>>

Best of Both Worlds

2learn® only provides one-on-one, in person, lessons because it is the best and most cost-effective way to learn.  Learn more >>>

2learn® allows your child to practically apply what she’s learned in the lessons with her teacher and other 2learn®students with the FREE 2learn® Partner Program and at the 2learn® socials.  Learn more >>>

High-Quality Teachers

 2learn® only hires high-quality teachers. Once hired, 2learn® trains and evaluates teachers in the 2learn® Method to ensure that your child constantly receives high-quality service. Learn more >>>


For every $30 2learn® Dollars that your child earns for learning, 2learn will write you a check for $30.00.  Learn more >>>


A Customized Curriculum

Your child receives a customized curriculum so that she learns what she WANTS and NEEDS to learn.  Also, the customized curriculum means that your child can learn at 2learn® no matter her level or age.  Learn more >>>

Critical Thinking Development (Adult Students)

Practical Approach

2learn® takes a practical approach in your child’s lessons so that she can easily apply what she’s learned to achieve her learning goals.  Learn more >>>