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  When you give to 2learn®, you become directly responsible for advancing 2learn®’s mission – to provide the student with high-quality teachers, resources, guidance, and learning methods in order to maximize the student’s learning experience in every lesson.


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 Why donate to 2learn®?

Short Answer: Education is the silver bullet for solving all of society’s problems and no one does education better than 2learn® because of our unique critical thinking approach!


  • To make 2learn® lessons more affordable for students.
    • For the Poor – Students who fall below the poverty line can receive 2learn® lessons for FREE!
    • For the Privileged (students above the poverty line) – Your donation goes to pay for 2learn®’s administrative costs so that 2learn® can offer its services at a 25% discount to students.  Thus, when 2learn® students pay for lessons, 95% of their payment goes to the 2learn® teacher and the other 5% goes to transition fees.  Because 2learn® does not profit off of the lessons, 2learn® can make sure that the lessons are all about what is most important to the student – learning!


  • As a 501(c)(3) company, your donation is TAX DEDUCTIBLE.


  • When you make a donation, you become a champion of critical thinking and you will be publicly recognized as such on below:
Champion of Critical Thinking Amount Donated
Megan Prats $6,500.00
Abimael Angeles $750.00
Antonio Prats $425.00
Mary Housner $100.00
Violeta Prats $25.00


  • Because 2learn offers lessons in a wide variety of locations – teacher’s home, online (via video conferencing), a public location, the student’s residence – 2learn® can reach students ANYWHERE in the WORLD!


  • 2learn®’s unique critical thinking approach advances the following initiatives: 1) education; 2) artistic and cultural appreciation; 3) democracy; 4) health; and more!  Please visit the Donor’s Blog for detailed explanations as to how critical thinking can advance a diverse collection of causes.


  • Because 2learn® is fiscally responsible, it is completely transparent with its financial information.  Therefore, 2learn® provides donors with 24/7 access to its checking account and monthly financial statements.  To access the aforementioned information, please click here.


  • 2learn® has a gold star rating on GuideStar.



Attending a 2learn® Fundraising Event


2learn® Language Learning Buffett

Join 2learn®, a non-profit institute, for a fabulously fun event that will allow you to take 15-minute private language lessons with 2learn®’s language teachers.  For just $30.00 ($20.00 for children 13 and younger), you can sample the following languages: English, French, Hebrew, Italian, Mandarin, and Spanish, as much as you want and donate to a good cause –  your self-improvement and 2learn’s mission to empower through the acquisition of new language skills.

So be sure not to miss this exciting, unique opportunity to enrich yourself linguistically by attending the 2learn® Language Learning Buffett at the Butterfly House in Pinecrest Gardens (11000 SW 57th Ave. Pinecrest, FL 33156) on May 30th from 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm!

The first 24 participants do not need to pay the $5.00 Pinecrest Gardens entry fee.

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Film yourself singing along with 2learn® and 2learn® will edit your video into the original 2learn® Theme Song and post it on and 2learn’s social media for FREE! (examples below)


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